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Twin Peaks Matchbooks


Three matchbook designs in a row, staged in a peculiar room with red curtain walls and chevron floor

Kelly Thorn
This set of matchbooks is inspired by the captivating world of Twin Peaks, an ABC television series by Mark Frost and David Lynch. As the cold air crept in and Halloween approached, I was inspired to create a collection of matchbooks that capture the unique mood and atmosphere of some of the most iconic locations in the series. From the retro charm of the Double R Diner to the eerie mystery of One-Eyed Jack’s, each matchbook design is a tribute to the show's distinctive blend of quirkiness and darkness.

Intense contrasts are a reoccurring theme in a show, reinforced by Agent Cooper’s taste for bitter coffee with his sweet cherry pie, or by bright flashing lights in dark scenes. In order to reference this theme of contrasts, and simultaneously generate continuity, I chose to depict neon signage on all three designs.

matchbooks for "One Eyed Jacks" resting on Black Jack table, showing inside and outside designs.