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Between The World and Me Book Cover

Powerful stories deserve striking covers, and capturing the intensity of Coates’ words was no small feat. This book jacket re-design explores the potential of illustrative typography to give the reader a glimpse into the literature within it. 

Nathan Young

New Yorker Food Series Magazine Covers

The proper scale of food items is extraneous in this triad of illustrations for a New Yorker series exploring three food capitals of the world: Beirut, Kyoto, and Florence. 

Caleb Heisey

Mockup of "CODA" book cover.

CODA Cover

This project considers a book cover design for the heartwarming and highly-awarded coming-of-age film CODA. Just as the homophonous title captures the two major themes of the story, the juxtaposition of a fishing net and sheet music strives to do the same. 

Caleb Heisey

Hooters Amore Cover

For designing a special-edition re-release of Hooter’s AMORE, I interviewed my dad, who saw the band perform at his high school in 1985, when they were still a local sensation in his hometown. Though my design takes a modern spin, I chose to closely follow the original design of the album to ignite that same feeling of nostalgia that comes with listening to the songs.

Caleb Heisey

Berry Cherry Bum-Bum Boo-Boo

Some say there is no healer as strong as a mother’s kisses, but the researchers in our lab have invented a remedy just as sweet. With packaging inspired by a childhood memory of my own, this ultimate cure-all is proven to dry tears and reduce fears with just a taste. 

Caleb Heisey

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